Karl Longbottom, Kite Workshops

Kite Workshop kite: Jelly Fish


Karl is available to run kite workshops for adults and children alike, ranging from simple sleds to complex ripstop kites.

He has been running kite workshops for all ages for nearly twenty years. He introduces his audience to the history of kites from all around the world, including both kites and pictures.

He carefully guides his students through making their first kite from basic materials and gives them an opportunity to fly it.


When time and ability allows, he moves onto a more complex structure using paper and bamboo where decoration becomes part of the task.

More advanced groups use rip-stop nylon and carbon fibre; again flying their creation becomes an integral part of the experience for all concerned.

Projects include making simple kites to the more complex Indian fighters, Thai snakes or Japanese edos. They are cross curricular and cover the subjects of:

  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Citizenship
  • Design Technology
  • Geography
  • Art

Kite Workshop kite: Thai Snake


Swan Kite Workshop


The cost of the workshop depends on the length of time booked (minimum two hours), the distance and time he has to travel and the materials to be used. Contact Karl to discuss what you are looking for.

Karl is regularly asked to run advanced kite workshops for the various kite clubs around the UK.

This occasion, with the Northern Kite Group in February 2008, was the first of the many Swan workshops that Karl has run both in the UK and abroad.


In March 2009 Karl went to the Kitemakers Conference in Fort Worden, USA to teach his skills to a wider audience.

This picture is from when Karl undertook a kite workshop in Cefn Forest working with a group which included some partially sighted adults.

The numbers were small and a lot of assistance with making the kites was required but they were all able to make a simple Eddy kite and were very proud of them.

Cefn Forest  Kite Workshop



Raymond de Graaf at the kite workshop in Mangalore, India


One of the most rewarding kite workshops was in Mangalore, India in January 2008.

Karl, his wife Sara, Raymond de Graaf and Team Mangalore all worked together helping over fifty students of St Agnes Special School to each make their own sled kite.

Later that same day they went to make more kites with pupils of the Saanidhya School, also in Mangalore.