Karl Longbottom - Traditional Designs

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Based on the traditional Japanese paper and bamboo fighter. Made from ripstop nylon with carbon spars; complete with hummer

Available in variety of colours and patterns.
0.85m span, 75
1.18m span, 95

Tahara Kite


With kind permission of the designer, Didier Fermont. An active single line kite.

This particular kite has been bridled as a four line kite.

Available in variety of colours and patterns.
1.4m high, 80
4 line version 105

Papillion Kite


Based on the traditional Brazilian fighter, made from Icarex and carbon. It flies with precise turns and arrow straight tracking.

It has been described as a real time waster, by a very happy customer!

Available in variety of colours and patterns.
0.9m high, 60.00

Pipa Kite

Dunton Delta

This classic Dunton Delta is a low wind altitude sprint kite and has won many sprint competitions since its introduction to the range in 2003.

Larger version newly available.

0.6 metre, 40.00
0.78 metre, 50.00

Dunton Delta Kite

Small Edo

This kite started out as an exercise in graphics using the square with a coloured corner as the basic unit. It is framed in dowel and carbon and is at its best in lighter winds.

If flown in strong winds the additional tails allow a more stable flight without having to lower the bridle setting to a point where the frame distorts.

0.9 m high, 45.00

Small Edo Kite

Winged Edo

Inspired by the traditional Edos of Mikio Toki, this is a westernised version. This particular kite was the reason for the small edo being built as the test bed for the graphics. The kite shown was made as a flying memorial to Neville Wing of the Golden Valley Kite Fliers who died in 2002. The materials were supplied by Kiteworks UK and the construction was by Karl.

1.6 m, 425.00

Winged Edo Kite


An excellent flier in a wide range of winds, an ideal first kite for children.

0.95 m, 30.00


Eddy Kite


The traditional Hexagon is a design which flies well in a range of winds.

0.7m, 35.00


Hexagon Kites

Roller, Pearson

A popular high flying classic English design developed by Alick Pearson. These are made in ripstop and carbon fibre giving an improved wind range.

Specialised graphics and artwork available upon request.

Please call for unique artwork prices.

1.2 metre, 70.00(plain)
1.5 metre, 95.00(plain)

Pearson Roller Kite

Vented Roller

A Pelham developed kite that flies well, great with 'Box kite' graphics for flying in low winds.

This one featured in 'Woof' many years ago.

1.45 m, 95.00

Vented Roller Kite


A very simple kite, easy to assemble and fly, ideal for graphics.

0.48 m, 25.00

Square Kite

Rokkaku Kites

The rokkakus are available in three standard sizes, 1.0m, 1.2m, & 2.4m. All the kites are made in ripstop with carbon spreaders for optimum performance. The 2.4m is the normal size for team fighting and is a well behaved stable performer. 1.2m is the normal size for individual fights and flies well in a range of winds, but if you want to fly in high wind then the 1m is recommended.

Colours, graphics and artwork are all available upon request, the complexity will affect the price.

Standard Prices:
1.0m, 50.00
1.2m, 75.00
2.4m, 145.00


1.2m Rokkaku Kite 2.4 m Rokkaku Kite (210)



Photo of Small Edo by John Dobson.