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The original Dove Kite, first designed for a wedding and still very much admired. Can be flown as a pair off a bar. Reflective feathers for night flight can be added at an extra cost.

1.5m span, available singly or as a pair.

A less expensive version produced by Flying Wings Kites, that packs down smaller, is also available.

Dove Kite


This small single line kite is at its best when flown on a light line in low winds. Both the larger Icarex verson and smaller ripstop kite are great fun to fly indoors.

Standard 1.15m span
Large 1.75m span

A less expensive version of the standard size produced by Flying Wings Kites that packs down smaller, is also available.

Pterodactyl Kite

Pterodactyl XL

Introduced to the range after the success of the smaller versions, it became a starting point for the Jabberwocky.
The tie dyed versions of the XL pterodactyl are unique.

Available to order.
XL 3.5m span
Tie dye version will be more expensive

Pterodactyl XL Kite

6 - 81 (six dash eighty one)

With a growing interest in indoor flying, this is specifically designed for zero winds. Made from Icarex and lightweight carbon.

Available in various colours.
0.55m tall by 1.15m span

6 - 81

Sola Box (pronounced sula)

First seen in Norway, designed for high winds. It is made using 12m of exel carbon spars with a 45g ripstop nylon sail.

This particular version has pink and white sails with the ribbon box in black.

Available to order in your choice of colours.
Standard 1.0m tall by 0.8m span

Sola Box


A figure kite inspired by the early Maori man kites, available with a range of head shapes. They can be flown as a train.

1.75m tall by 2m span


Blockhead Kite

Rocket Kite

A similar kite was originally made as a commission but now has an adapted tail.

Available in silver, black or red
1.83m tall by 0.65m wide

Rocket Kite

Red Kite

This is an ultra lightweight kite that flies in next to no wind; made from Icarex and thin-walled carbon. A kiteflier's favourite that in very light winds can be made to perform a number of single line tricks, including flat spins.

Available in Light Grey, Dark Grey, Brown, Black and Red. Combinations or other colours available to order.
1.2m tall

Red Kite (2 Colour version)


The swan was designed to be a workshop kite with all straight seams. It is a steady flier in low winds; an attractive and unusual white kite with orange/yellow and black detailing.

Available in Whooper or Mute varieties. Also sold in kit form, ask for details.
2.08m span, 1.22m tall

Swan Kite


The owl uses the same Yakko wings as the Bee Kite, this gives a good performance in a wide range of winds. Ideal for night flights.

Available in White & Grey, Brown & Black or Brown & White.
0.9m tall

Snowy Owl Kite

Swifts and Swallows

In keeping with the theme of bird kites we add more light wind soaring kites; the Swift Kite and the Swallow Kite. Basically the kites are the same but with different tail details.

Available in black, dark blue or two colour versions as standard; can also be seen in orange or white.
2.1m span by 0.97m tall

Swift Kites and Swallow Kites

Yakko Bee

This kite is a tribute to the kite making skills of the Japanese. As a fan of the Abu-dako style of kite, but being unable to get hold of one Karl decided to make his own version in carbon fibre and ripstop nylon.

This kite is the result. It flies well in light to medium winds and looks particularly spectacular when several are flown as a swarm.
0.62m tall

Yakko Bee Kite


Designed to complement a Christmas display of Angel Sculptures by Carl Robertshaw. Consequently the micro angel is a Christmas Tree decoration that flies. An XL version is now available.

Large 1.2m tall
Medium 0.8m tall
Micro 0.4m tall

Large Angel Kite


These fighting pants first made their appearance in France, but soon became a hit at UK Festivals. It was not long before Karl was asked to produce a female version.

They fly like a fighter kite hence they are not really for beginners.

Available in a variety of colours, personal monograms can be requested.
0.6m tall


Pants Kite

Ladies' Knickers

These became an obvious partner to the male pants. Featuring frilly decorations, they have the same flying characteristics as the male version, but fly very slightly slower.

Available in a variety of tasteful colours, trimmed in lace.
0.6m tall


Ladies Knickers Kite


The shorts are based on the popular pants but they do not have the same fighting characteristics, they are a stable single line flier. Football shorts or boxer shorts, with button fly detail, are available in a choice of colours.

1m span by 0.6m tall
Unique tie-dye shorts are available.


Shorts Kite


This humble vest was made to complement the pants and shorts. It first appeared in India but then hid at the bottom of a kite bag for a few months, along with the dirty washing!

Available in red or grey.
0.8m tall


Vest Kite

Delta Sled

Introduced as an alternative altitude sprint kite to the Dunton Delta. Made in Icarex.

A larger version, made in ripstop, is ideal for use in kite aerial photography (KAP) because of its high angle of flight and stability in the sky.

Standard 0.9m tall
Large 2.5m span by 1.5m tall

Delta Sled Kite

Fighting Edo

Several years ago at the Shrewsbury Kite Festival, Tony Slater suggested using Edo kites for fighting competitions as an alterative to the usual Rokkakus. This kite is the result, it flies like a Korean, but pulls harder due to the lack of hole in the centre. Great fun to fly.

0.7m tall

Fighting Edo Kites


A variant on the Hexagon which gives a unique shape in the sky with the added bonus of a greater wind range.

The Tangram came second to the Delta Sled in the Edwardian Kite Competition at the Wirral Kite Festival where the kites were marked on their angle of flight and stability in the sky.

1.05m tall

Tangram Kite

Mad Hata & Mini Mad Hata

This was designed as an attempt to produce an original looking kite. It flies well in most wind conditions being constructed in ripstop and carbon fibre and having a long ribbon tail.

Mad Hata 3.2m tall

Mini Mad Hata 1.15m tall

Mini Mad Hata Kite


Inspired by the classic Japanese kites, this one combines the sleeve wings of the Yakko and the basic rectangular shape and bridling of the Edo. The 50m long bridles are difficult to set up but the effort is worthwhile once you see it in the sky.

1.7m tall

Yakkedo Kite

Hawk Bird Scarer

This kite was designed in 2004 and was first supplied and marketed in April 2005.

An updated image and more information appears on the Hawks page.

Hawk Bird Scarer



Photo of Mini Mad Hata by John Dobson.