Hawk Bird Scarers

Hawk Bird Scarer

Design registered in the United Kingdom.
Made from ultra light weight Icarex and carbon fibre, it has a higher wind range than the cheap Chinese copies.

It is designed specifically for bird scaring, it swoops and dives; it is made to be unstable.

Designed to be flown from a pole, it launches itself; hence it is a low maintenance and silent deterrent.

We no longer supply direct, but the Hawk Bird Scarer continues to be available through two different suppliers:

in the UK they are available through
Mark Donsworth of M.D.T. Agricultural Machinery & Spare Part Specialist
on 01728 621680 or 07970 636060
email markdonsworth@mdt-agri.co.uk

outside of the UK they are available through
Jeremy Nicholson of Bird Control Ireland
on 00 353 58 52302
email info@birdcontrol.ie

Please contact these suppliers for the Hawk Bird Scarers.