Karl Longbottom, Gallery

The gallery features a selection of Karl's kites many of which are custom made, plus other constructions.

Empire Windrush

A different view to that seen by most on 27 July 2012.

Empire Windrush

Blockhead Train

The Blockheads were put together as a train for the first time in 2011;
they flew very well.

Blockhead Train

Flamin' Pterodactyl

By special request, a large sized Icarex Pterodactyl Kite bearing the flames usually seen on a Phil Scarfe kite.
Commissioned by Collin Marshall.

Flamin' Pterodactyl


This was made for the stage production of Alice through the Looking Glass for the Theatre Royal in Bath; November 2010.
It is based on the pterodactyl but with a 3.5 metre span.


Tie Dye Patchwork Rokkaku

A special commission for David Gomberg

Tie Dye Patchwork Rokkaku

Steiff Roloplan (No. 4 from Walter Diem's book)

A recent commission for John Dobson who kindly supplied the photograph.

Steiff Roloplan No. 4

The Sportsman's Kite

This kite is a modern version of an historic kite made by Dart's Kite of the UK back in the 1880's; a commission to replace a very fragile original made from silk.

The Sportsman's Kite

Rocket Kite for Aintrocketscience

This kite was commissioned by Jon Sutton of Aintrocketscience to help launch the new website www.aintrocketscience.co.uk.


Dove Kites in Dieppe, New Brunswick

The Dove Kites were first commissioned by Dave and Marie Coombs for their Wedding at the Brighton Kite Festival in July 2009. Karl made this pair of dove kites to fly in the kite competition at Dieppe, Canada in August 2009.

Dove Kites

Pterodactyl Train

Karl's popular design flown as a train at the Berck sur Mer Kite Festival in April 2009; they behaved quite well for a while.

Pterodactyl Kite Train

Double Parasleds

These kites were made as a matching pair in 2009 for a Kite Altitude Record Attempt (KARA), currently missing in action.

Double Parasled Kites

Blue Peter Rokkakus

These kites were ordered by the BBC Blue Peter team for flying at the Bristol Kite Festival in September 2008. The programme was broadcast on 23 September 2008.

Blue Peter Rokkaku Kites

Weymouth Star

This kite was designed for the kite creation competition at Weymouth Kite Festival in 2008; the kite had to incorporate a length of gauze.

Weymouth Star

18 Wing Salmon Kite

The prototype of Karl's commission by John Dobson made in 2008; a copy of an 18 wing kite designed by Salmon in 1907.

18 Wing Salmon Kite


Commissioned in 2008 by George Webster; a white Pyrodelta.

Pyrodelta Kite


Commissioned in 2007 by George Webster; a Genki with a difference.

Kranki Kite


Also commissioned by George Webster; this is the prototype.

Pomoceff Kite

Sauls' Barrage

One of a number of box kites displayed by Karl at Swindon Kite Festival in 2007.

Sauls' Barrage Kite

Woman Kite

Karl's prize winning entry into the Dieppe Kite Competition in 2004. Made from newspaper cuttings on muslin and ripstop. His stack of Bees (above right) made for Dieppe in 2002 also won a prize.

Woman Kite

Carp Edo

This kite was originally commissioned by Alan Gilbert.

Carp Edo Kite

Tie Dye Shorts

Uniquely patterned shorts, first seen flying in India, January 2008. This pair are owned by Bob Cruikshanks.

Tie dye shorts kite

Jamaican Pants

Custom made for Courtney.

Jamaican Pants Kite

Pants & Shorts.

Kindly modelled by Mitsuo Yokoyama, his wife Toshiko and Karl.

Japanese Pants Kites

Iris Rokkaku (2.4m)

This Kite was made for the 2001 Sunderland Kite Festival Auction, and was bought by John Dobson.

Iris Rokkaku Kite

Crane Rokkaku (2.4m)

Made for Bryn Baggaley who wanted something a bit different.

Crane Rokkaku Kite

Kiss Two Edo

This is the first Edo made by Karl in 1995 and is still flying. The graphics are taken from Litchenstein's pop art classic Kiss II, but executed in black and white. The kite confuses many people as it is difficult to 'see' the graphic until the kite is in the sky.

Kiss II Edo Kite

Hereford Fighter

A large rectangular kite with patch work decoration inspired by Native American textiles.

Hereford Fighter


A modern version of an old Mark Cotterell design.

Multi-jib Kite

Friendship Kite

This 100m long kite was a special commission by Sunderland Council in 2005 to replace the existing Japanese built Friendship Kite.

Friendship Kite


Commissioned by John Dobson.

Brogden Kite

Sky Symphony Banner.

Sky Symphony Banner


Iris Rokkaku and Steiff Roloplan photos by John Dobson.
Sky Symphony Banner photo by Lloyd Kirton.